Success Stories

We have an exceptional working relationship with all our clients and they trust us.

British Petroleum (BP)

PITS LLC was awarded business for IT Field Desktop Support services in AGT region. PITS LLC is also responsible for provision of Audio Visual and Video Conference services in three (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey) countries.

Oil & Gas

One of the most valuable customers which PITS LLC works with. It has been more than 10 years now that PITS LLC delivers core IT services and solutions for Mr.Fix.

Hacettepe Hospital

Terabytes of business-essential data have been recovered from severely damaged RAID Arrays. One of the most prominent on-site works that PITS LLC delivered within a limited time frame.

North West Construction

Since 2017 PITS LLC proudly delivered various projects for North West Construction company. Among them, we can name Software development, Penetration testing, Data recovery, IT Consulting services. This mutually beneficial partnership is built on trust and transparency.

Veyseloglu Group

Many major IT projects have been trusted to PITS LLC and delivered successfully. Being one of the biggest food manufacturers in the country, Veyseloglu has signed several service-level agreements with PITS LLC.

Food Manufacturing
Pasha Construction

PITS LLC has established a strong partnership with Pasha Construction over the years. This partnership covers fields such as Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, IT Audit and Vulnerability Scan services.

Pasha Insurance

One of the biggest customers we have had businesses with. PITS LLC prevented the serious threat of data loss for Pasha Insurance company. Our partnership with Pasha Insurance relies on mutual respect and trust.

Banking & Finance

Different projects have been delivered successfully. PITS LLC has a long-term service agreements with SOCAR and its subsidiaries.

Oil & Gas

PITS LLC was responsible for saving one of the ASAN's biggest projects from being lost. Emergency data recovery services were provided and completed successfully within a short time frame.


Apart from massive support in the Data recovery field, Azfen gets equipment calibration, testing and maintenance services from PITS LLC. We were successful in securing the contract with Azfen in different countries.

Deloitte & Touche

Several projects have been completed, several agreements have been signed. PITS LLC continues to support Deloitte with supply, data recovery, data destruction services. From the initial engagements and through their references, we were confident that Deloitte would be the ideal partner for PITS LLC.


PITS LLC successfully provided vital data recovery support for SAIPEM. A separate agreement has been issued on the provision of data recovery and media inspection services.

Oil & Gas
Qafqaz Info

An exceptionally trusted partner in the region. Through the years PITS LLC is responsible for managing Qafqaz Info's entire infrastructure for end-to-end services, application development and email services.

Mass Media
Baker & McKenzie

PITS LLC successfully delivered on-site IT asset disposition, data sanitization and media destruction services for Baker & McKenzie. The partnership has been established for a long-term co-operation and gigabytes of business-sensitive data have been securely destroyed.

Law Firms
Heydar Aliev Center

Our partnership with Heydar Aliyev Centre (HAC) started with unique data recovery services. Today, PITS LLC is responsible for taking care of HAC's entire wireless network infrastructure management and this partnership continues to grow.


PITS LLC took a part in UNDP project titled "Increasing representation of effectively managed marine ecosystems in the protected area system" and provided supply services. PITS LLC also provides effective data recovery services for UNDP.


Azecolab is one of the biggest and oldest customers that PITS LLC proudly supports. PITS LLC provides 24/7 Managed IT, hosted e-mail, professional services, managed security services for Azecolab Company. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership over the coming years.


PITS LLC signed agreement on provision emergency data recovery services for Azersun and its subsidiaries. Several projects have been successfully completed and essential business-related data has been retrieved and delivered.

Food Manufacturing

After an in-depth analysis of a number of service providers, Sinteks trusted its entire IT infrastructure to PITS LLC and signed a contract. PITS LLC also provided professional services, digital forensics services, network vulnerability testing services for Sinteks.

BDO Azerbaijan

The major project that has been successfully completed for BDO Azerbaijan was the provision of Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning services.

Banking & Finance
Procter & Gamble

PITS LLC conducted Data Destruction & IT Asset Disposal operations for Procter & Gamble. Tens of media have been disposed of, terabytes of data have been successfully sanitized. PITS LLC continue co-operating with P&G in this field.

Consumer Goods

PITS LLC proudly delivers a wide range of IT Services for Iceland. Our partnership dates back nearly ten years. PITS LLC supports every aspect of IT Infrastructure for this company. From Help Desk to Managed services.

Food Manufacturing

PITS LLC signed a contract on provision of advanced data recovery services for Intertek. All engagements on this field were successful so far and projects have been delivered on time.

Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping

Within a year, PITS LLC provided various technology solutions services for Caspian Shipping Company. Among them, we can name providing unique in its nature service such as inspection of the connectivity of telephony systems, delivering a detailed report on findings and offering an effective solution to the problems.


PITS LLC is a trusted IT partner of Kentech az service in the region. It is already three years now that the IT needs of the company are taken care of by PITS LLC. This covers day-to-day Help Desk, Data recovery and Supply services.

Industrial Services

At Budget - Rent a car company all technical support services are delivered by PITS LLC. The service contract has been issued in 2016 and the responsibility for taking care of IT Infrastructure has shifted to PITS LLC. We provide a managed service desk, VoIP, data recovery and disaster planning services for Budget.

Car Rental

Advanced Data Recovery services. An important organisation data was recovered and operational' continuity was restored.


IT Service Desk and Data Recovery services. Within a short period of time, major data loss issues were resolved, IT infrastructure problems were analysed and fixed.

EGIS Pharmaceuticals

Managed IT Services. PITS LLC is responsible for making the whole IT infrastructure safe and stable which improves EGIS' business performance.

Express Bank

PITS LLC provided an urgent Digital Forensics and Data Recovery services for Express bank. Several partnership contracts were signed from both parties.

Banking & Finance
World Health Organization

Advanced Data Recovery services. An important organisation data was recovered and operational' continuity was restored.


A massive Digital Forensics and Data Recovery services were provided for SABA that has suffered from serious data loss. Gigabytes of business-related data, SQL databases were recovered and business continuity was restored.

Food Manufacturing

PITS LLC provided Advanced Data Recovery services for Unibank and a service-level agreement was signed from both sides.

Banking & Finance
Hidro Insaat Servis

After signing a long-term partnership agreement in this field, PITS LLC provides supply and IT Support services for Hydro Construction company.

Pasha Bank

PITS LLC provided customized Data Recovery services and consultancy in order to prevent any possible data loss situations.

Banking & Finance

PITS LLC is responsible for the safeguarding of SWIFT's whole network, disaster recovery planning and all IT related issues. Our business partnership with SWIFT continues to grow.

Law Firms
International Bank Of Azerbaijan

PITS LLC proved itself several times in providing Advanced Data Recovery and Consulting services in order to minimise or eliminate the data loss threats.

Banking & Finance
Nikoil Bank

With the of PITS LLC, several active data loss scenarios were eliminated and business continuity was restored. Several service-level agreements were signed.

Banking & Finance
Berlin-Chemie Menarini

PITS LLC proudly supports BERLIN-CHEMIE MENARINI representative office in Azerbaijan for many years already. This support varies from standard IT Support to Data Recovery and Data Destruction and supply services.


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